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Diamant, Asterix, Granola and a Exportable Variety Bellini

The best time for seed potato plantation is first November to 30 November.

Depend on Potato size750 to 800 KG seed will be required per acre land

You can get your seed from our Authorized dealers in your area

Sorry to say, No.

Company will bear the delivery cost up to dealer shop.

If you want to get dealership of KBL, You need to ensure below requirements:

  1. You have to ensure you are experience in potato seed business for few years
  2. You have a seed selling shop in the local market (Bazar) with very good warehouse
  3. You should ensure you have the seed dealer license from Ministry of Agriculture
  4. You are more acceptable to the farmers
  5. One Year bank statement
  6. Finally there is no existing KBL dealer in your Upazila

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