How we do
Over the years, the consumption of potatoes have increased day by day and so has the usage of quality seeds. Farmers look for a reliable supplier who has a various supply of authentic, disease free seeds. To meet the market demands, Kisan Botanix Ltd. follows an integrated production cycle starting from its laboratory to the production of its certified seeds. Any gaps are supplemented by importing rare varieties. Plantlets are produced in our own laboratory, situated in Dhaka.

The first generation comes from disease free nuclear seed through our net house. This seed is cultivated on the farm for three more years resulting in certified foundation and breeder seeds. Seeds that are produced internally, are ensured of having a high degree of quality control. Quality is ensured and the condition is preserved through a concentrated planting and well supervised harvesting as well as a post- harvest storage. Grading is carried out in each of the steps. Kisan Botanix Ltd. has access to several reliable climate controlled storage facilities in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Bogra and other Northern Districts to ensure proper storage. To provide the customers with the best possible services, we have developed a specialist marketing team to deal with all of our customers' needs and logistics to deliver our products efficiently.